Home Services Products Contact Us About Longevity Health Clinic Longevity Health blog Heavy metal toxicity can occur many different ways. Many get it from Occupational exposure, which makes up the vast majority cases. Though plenty of things around the house and in the environment have toxic metals as well. Fluorescent bulbs, for example, have mercury in the glass. If you are… We live in a world of plastics, and toxic chemicals. Our oceans are now polluted with them at every level. Some are even found in our drinking water now. Almost all of them disrupting some hormone system in our body. Fatigue, hormone problems, sleep disruption, feelings that are uncalled for or…  Human Chorionic Gonadatrophin is the very first hormone made in the human body. Produced in the early embryo as it grows in the uterus and then in the mothers placenta throughout pregnancy, we make some small amounts of HCG in our body all our lives. Using this proven method you can loose…  Services © Longevity Health Clinic - All Rights Reserved 2011-2016 Mercury, lead and heavy metal testing and removal Testing and detoxification for chemical, plastics and pesticide residues Safe, rapid, effective weight control using HCG and physical therapy treatment Myofascial release therapy for chronic musculo-skeletal conditions Ea eiusmod non dolore cillum, labore eiusmod est cupidatat ea. Duis labore aute commodo. Nulla adipisicing non fugiat nulla aliqua. Officia sit tempor sint sed ipsum ut esse ad laboris tempor. Excepteur id non sunt sed eu magna lorem, dolore do nulla proident, ut officia. Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women according to the CDC. More people die each year from this complex and devastating group of conditions. Cardiovascular disease is so complex because it is so subtlety simple. The heart… Safe, effective therapy for  cardiovascular disease, arthritis, and skin problems  Worms, bugs, bacterial and protozoan parasites have been with us since the very beginning. Some microorganisms have a very beneficial relationship on and in our bodies, but there are many others, particularly in the digestive system that rob us of our strength and life. Since there have… Accurate, natural therapy for digestive problems and parasites Services
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